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IBM Watson Assistant
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How to Use IBM Watson Assistant for Customer Care

Ted Green

IBM Watson Assistant is a cognitive assistant that helps you manage everyday tasks such as scheduling appointments, ordering food, and …

Customer Care

Automation Customer service

How To Automate Customer Service

Ted Green

Customer service is a vital part of any business, and with the rise of technology, …

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contact centers KPIs

How To Define Customer Care KPIs

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Before setting KPIs for your contact center, you need to define what you want it …

customer tiering

How to Create Customer Tiering

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Understand what customer tiering is and why it’s important Customer tiering divides customers into groups, …

reduce call center demand

4 Strategies to Reduce Call Center Demand

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Too often, customer service call centers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls they …

how to capture leads through livechat

How To Use Live Chat To Capture Leads

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In today’s digital age, providing excellent customer service is more important than ever. And one …

live chat crm integrations

How Live Chat Integrates With Your CRM

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CRM, or customer relationship management, the software is designed to help businesses manage their interactions …

live chat routing

Live Chat Routing Work – How Does It Work

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Live chat routing assigns chats to the best-suited agent based on skills, tenure, availability, and …

remote work live chat

How Can Live Chat Be Used in a Remote Work Model

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What is live chat, and how can it be used in a remote work model …

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live chat for ecommerce

Live Chat For Ecommerce

Live chat can make a big difference in your eCommerce store. It can help improve …

livechat for startups

Customer Live Chat for Startups

Live chat is a relatively new technology that allows businesses to communicate with their customers …